Agility is the most popular of all the competitive disciplines you can do with your dogs. It combines high level of dog and handler skill with speed. The fastest and most accurate partnerships are the most successful at the top, with times being measured to the thousandth second! The biggest take away from this sport, is the relationship you develop with your canine partner. It requires a great amount of trust from both handler and dog to successfully navigate around an agility course; relying solely upon the skills you have trained using both verbal and non-verbal cues.


Over the past few years there has been a greater emphasis on not only the dog being treated as an athlete, but a lot of handlers are now investing in their physical abilities to move more efficiently around the course. However, you don’t need to be Usain Bolt to play this fun agility game and nor do you need a border collie! A s long as your dog is healthy and injury free, you can get stuck in!

Our Agility classes are held outdoors in summer in a secure paddock in Llanellen just outside Abergavenny.

We hold both COMPETITION Classes  &  FOR FUN Classes.  Both are trained in the same way, using skills and training processes that will see both you and your dog through to the highest competition level if that is what you choose to do!


 Where our competition classes will prepare you for your the rigours of competing including course walking, fast lines, complex handling manoeuvres and building your dogs fitness; our For Fun classes will be less taxing and focus on more straight forward courses for you and your dog to have a blast!

Places for beginners classes are limited as we rarely have space to fit more in!  However if you want to be aded to the waiting list for our next intake send us an email or message us on facebook.