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Mantrailing is a fabulous activity for you and your dog!  It is the process of finding a person by teaching your dog to follow the scent that they leave behind when walking away to hide.  A derivative of Search and Rescue and Police Dog training, it has fast become a huge sport for pet dogs in the UK over the past couple of years.  Let's Play have been trailing our dogs from the very beginning!  Dogs have an incredible ability discriminate and follow scent and its only when you get involved in scent related activities with your dog that we really begin to appreciate their very real 'super power'! ​

Mantrailing is a great physical and mental workout for your dog as they navigate all manner of surfaces and environments to follow and locate their lost human.  It is an activity that is available to all dogs and can be easily adapted to every skill and mobility level of the dog and the handler.  It's not only the dogs who have a great day out - the handlers do too!  We have a fabulously welcoming and supportive group of trailing enthusiasts, most of whom are out trailing every week! If you haven't tried it before be assured you be made welcome and find a whole new group of friends for you and your dog!


We trail just about every weekend and travel to different locations all over Monmouthshire and the surrounding areas - from woods and forests to parks and towns, each weekend brings different challenges for the dog and handler teams to navigate.

To join our weekly sessions you will need to complete an INTRODUCTION WORKSHOP. 

Dates are limited as we need to be sure we can fit everyone in for follow on sessions - if you would like to book an introduction please email us or you will find our mantrailing page on facebook - MantrailingUKMonmouthshire 

You will be added to a waiting list and advised as soon as we have a date available.