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Scentwork is a recent introduction to the world of dog activities and sport.  The training resembles that which is given to highly specialized ‘sniffer’ dogs searching for drugs and explosives, and through fun and games, develops your dog’s natural scenting abilities.

Scentwork training involves teaching the dog to search for a hidden target scent, and to 'alert' to his owner as to its exact whereabouts.  Owners learn to read their dogs’ body language and trust their dogs’ noses – in scentwork the dog is the expert!  By working with their dogs in this way, owners become acutely attuned to their dogs, and are allowed a glimpse into the invisible world of scent, which is so much a part of our dogs’ lives.

Scentwork offers dogs constructive physical exercise, and intense mental stimulation.  It is a low-impact, yet fun and challenging activity, well-suited to all dogs – boisterous youngsters, seniors, socially or physically challenged dogs as well as the average family pet, can all have access to this positive outlet for their energy.  Any dog and owner can get involved in scentwork – there is no expensive outlay for specialist equipment, no previous experience needed by the owner, and dogs adore the game.   All training is reward-based with a strong emphasis on fun.  Unlike activities such as obedience and agility your dog does not even have to be particularly well-trained – down-stays and perfect recalls are not needed!  Scentwork has been well-documented among behaviourists and trainers as a confidence-building, calming exercise, and an excellent activity for shy and reactive dogs.  Dogs finish satisfied and relaxed after a search game, and the positive effects of working both body and mind can be met even within a small space such as a house or garden.


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