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Lyn has an amazing ability to read both the dog and the owner. Her knowledge is applied insightfully and she can see what is needed before you can see it yourself. I sincerely wish I’d met her earlier. 

—  Annie & Billy


I cant recommend Lyn at Let’s Play Dog Training enough!
I have always had dogs, but 5 years ago I decided to get a working type dog to do more with. Entrance Willow!! She was a complete lunatic from day 1, she chewed through numerous belongings, destroyed furniture, and was on the go all the time!! This was something completely new to me and I had no idea what to do!!   Lyn had started fun agility and we decided to give it a go, I felt Wills needed a job to use up some of that energy!! Lyn helped me understand Willows needs, and I learnt that my girl was struggling and gave me techniques and ideas to direct her energy....and I began to learn how to direct her energy in a more productive way. From there we started scentwork...brain work!! This was a whole new revelation...I started to see a tired, happy and relaxed dog after classes, and with Lyn's advice and support began to transfer this training at home.  We have been training now for over 4 years, and Willow continues to learn new do I. Lyn provides a creative array of classes with something to suit everyone. I now have 3 dogs, who all train in one activity or another....I know that I can always ask for advice or support if an issue crops up, and the training we receive is always informative with a healthy balance of humour!
If you want a happy, healthy and most importantly fun relationship with your dog. I highly recommend signing up for a Let’s Play Class....if you put the effort in for your dog, they will repay you in more ways than you can imagine!   Thanks Lyn!!  

—  Ang, Willow, Wilf & Wiwi


Not only is LPDT fun and challenging but Lyn’s direct feedback to improve is invaluable. She has a calm and methodical way of teaching that truly connects and inspires, whilst also differentiating dog and trainers abilities both emotionally and physically. I can’t speak highly enough of the training sessions that are on offer. This fun approach to learning makes for enjoyable classes for dog and handler.  Lyn adapts each skill to meet the needs of the dog and handler.  Lyn has catered for both my dogs and their individuality and tailored all skills to meet their needs for the better. With her help, I have experienced getting maximum potential from both dogs within a safe environment and whilst having their interests at heart. My once timid and nervous dog is now settled and confident and I am equipped with the skills to handle any situation that may arise. My once boisterous dog is now controlled and focussed on any task in hand. Cons- my dogs love ‘aunty lyn’ so much that I’m beginning to think they love her more than me! On a personal level, I have and continue to gain so much from these classes. Lyn’s knowledge, skill, devotion, belief and care has led to an aspect of dog owning that I find truly enjoyable, empowering and inspirational. Ultimately, I’ve never felt so proud of my dogs, their abilities and their achievements as I have during each and every session that I have with Lyn. I leave each session beaming and on a high over what we achieved and I’ve learnt to enjoy every second of owning my dogs! Thank you for everything you do, putting my dogs first but most importantly teaching me the importance of enjoying my dogs and meeting their needs! 

—  Lottie & Max and Maude


I have to say a huge thank you for all the time and effort you put in to each and every one of the activities you offer! Everything you have taught Dewi, but mainly me, has been invaluable. You have a wealth of knowledge & expertise to share, but it is your love, passion & enthusiasm for what you do that shines through. Contacting you 18 months ago was the best thing I could have done! Dewi & I have enjoyed everything so much we’ve not been able to resist signing up to all the classes you offer, some he is more successful at than others & he still has his little quirks but he is a different dog thanks to the advice & support you have given. Dewi has loads of fun & us Hoomans lots of laughs. You honestly do go above & beyond!!

—  Liz & Dewi


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