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Let's Play began in 2015 when I started offering Fun Agility classes - little did I know where this part time hobby would lead!  We were one of the first to offer pet dog scent work classes and soon after added Mantrailing with, more recently, Hoopers and Brain Training joining the list of activities we offer.  We still have several of the original dogs and handlers who came to our very first class back in 2016!   After undertaking 5 years of training and development from many reputable organisations, shadowing and learning from one of our best local behaviourists, I have just finished my MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour at Lincoln University.

Our aim is to offer classes and training that provide appropriate physical and mental stimulation for pet dogs through fun activities that are engaging and beneficial for both dogs and handlers.

In 2018 we expanded our classes and I enlisted the help of a good friend and colleague Kaylieigh Gulliford to join us and teach the more advanced Agility classes. Kayleigh is a Kennel Club Agility Judge and keen competitor and since joining us all our agility skills have gone from strength to strength!  Kayleigh passed her APDT assessment in 2019 and is now utilising her fabulous training skills and experience in many of our classes.

We pride ourselves in being able to adapt what we do based the needs of the individual dog.  We can provide space or visual barriers for nervous or anxious dogs, we can offer 121 training for those who get over excited.  All our training is based around the principle of "Fear Free & Pain Free" and we hold the welfare of the dogs as our main priority.  If you want to build a positive relationship between you and your dog, increase your dogs confidence and resilience, or just be part of a supportive and super friendly community then you're in the right place!!  

 We look forward to meeting you and your dog soon!


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