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 Orhan Pamuk

Behaviour Advice and Training

We all need a little help now and again.  Sometimes it's just difficult to work out why things are going wrong or why we cant get to the bottom of a problem.  This can cause huge stress, anxiety and frustration for all concerned. 

You will need a behaviour consult for problem behaviours such as barking and lunging at other dogs or people,  destructive or anxious behaviours when left alone, guarding food or toys or any aggressive behaviours.

 If your problem is general training, such as pulling on the lead or recall please see our training page.


Having completed my MSc Clinical Animal Behaviour in 2021 you can be assured that you will receive the most up to date, safe, and effective advice on any problem behaviours you are experiencing.  Animal behaviour is as complex as us human behaviour - with the added complexity that our dogs cant talk to us!  Taking a holistic approach is key to successfully helping you to find  the right solution for  your personal situation.  It is not possible to offer safe and effective advice without considering every aspect of you and your dogs lives, so behaviour consults are subsequent training plans are in depth and take time!  However you do not have to do the journey on your own, I can walk you through every step that you need help with.  Please message for more details or to book a consultation.

Those who TEACH the most about HUMANITY aren't always human

Donald L. Hicks



Lyn has an amazing ability to read both the dog and the owner. Her knowledge is applied insightfully and she can see what is needed before you can see it yourself. I sincerely wish I’d met her earlier. 

- Annie & Billy