Brain Training

The latest addition to our Lets Play activity classes, Brain Training encompasses a mix of enrichment activities, canine parkour and tricks.  Its proved extremely popular and is a great class for providing positive mental enrichment, hugely important for all dogs.  The Parkour and Tricks sessions are great for working on clear communication, understanding training processes as well as working on your dogs fitness and proprioception skills.  Proprioception is the awareness of the body in the environment - by improving this it naturally increases your dogs confidence and helps to prevent injury.  


No prior training is needed and everything used in class can be replaced at home with every day items.  There are levels to work through with rosettes to mark your dogs achievements!

Classes are held both in and outdoors - our indoor venue is the Guide Hall, in Abergavenny - when we work outdoors we use a variety of local parks and woods.

If you would like to added to the waiting list for our next Brain Training intake drop us an email or message us on Facebook.

Sadly due to the current Covid guidelines we are currently unable to offer group classes - if you would like to be added to the wait list for when classes are able to resume please click here: