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Puppy Package

£135 (plus travel if sessions are held at your home).

3 x one to one in person sessions at your home or at our secure paddock in Llanellen. 

Each session will be split between practical training and the theory behind training your puppy to equip you with the skills to carry the methods forward after our sessions end.  Each session will last approximately one and half hours and will include:

  • toilet training, 

  • routines, 

  • feeing, 

  • appropriate exercise/play, 

  • socialisation, 

  • lead walking, 

  • recall,

  • enrichment, 

  • recall ,

  • strategies for the prevention of unwanted behaviours developing,

  • Unlimited phone/email support for up to 2 months after your initial training session,

  • Written report.

Puppy  One to One

£60* (plus travel if sessions are held at your home).

Focussing on your and your dog’s individual requirements we will draw up a plan for your training journey together.  We will work through any specific problems or worries you have as well as covering the important basics for both puppies and new rescues.  

The session will cover the same topics as the puppy package and will be held either at your home or at our secure training paddock.  The cost includes a 2 hour one to one session for practical training and general advice and guidance and a written training plan.

Behavioural 121  

Initial consultation, £80* (plus travel if sessions are held at your home)

Follow on sessions, £30 (plus travel if required)

For more challenging problem behaviours, it is usually important to visit your home to assess the situation, however during the current times pandemic this is slightly more complicated.  We will discuss how best to meet your needs depending on the guidelines when you get in touch.

If you have found your way here to seek help its possible the problem has become overwhelming.... challenging behaviours may be well practiced and engrained. These things can creep up on us almost unnoticed. Or you may be wondering if the problem is normal or its just your dog.   It is important that if you have any concerns over your dog’s behaviour, whether it’s a sudden change, the result of a specific incident or something that has crept up over time – please don’t delay and get in touch as soon as you can.  The quicker we can assess your concerns the quicker your mind will be put at rest OR the easier it will be to find a path through it.


I can help you to understand your dog, their needs, the reasons the behaviour developed and help you and your dog can re-open the channels of communication to get you both to where you want to be.  This is rarely a straightforward or easy path; a detailed history will be needed before we can begin.  We take a holistic approach to any behaviour modification to ensure any factors feeding into the problem behaviour can be addressed.   If between us we decide further referrals to vets, dietitians, or other professionals are needed I can recommend qualified and experienced local colleagues. 


Behaviour one to ones are usually for a minimum of two hours.  They include a full written report with additional relevant information from trusted sources.  You will have a training plan to use going forward and any recommendations for ongoing referrals.  Ongoing support via email will be available for 3 months following your consultation and follow on sessions for further training will charged at a discounted rate.  

General Training / Activity 121

£30 per hour

If your dog is not suited to group classes or the times just don’t fit into your life, you can still join the fun and book a private session.  This option can be used for Agility, Scentwork, Hoopers, Brain Training, Treiball or any general life skills such as lead walking or recall.


These sessions are held at our secure paddock in Llanellen and last for approx 45minutes.  To book a training one to one please email us at and let us know what activity or training you are interested in and when you are available

Zoom (online) session


Online sessions can work really well if you want some help and advice quickly.  It allows us to watch your dog and their behaviours as they would normally present, in your own home, without being influenced from people who are not normally there.  You can book an online session through the booking link at the top of the page


If you are able to demonstrate that you are in receipt of mean tested benefits there are a limited number of Puppy and Behavioural one to ones available at 50% of the rates stated above.  These places are allocated strictly at my discretion and based on the severity of the needs of the dog.  There are a maximum of 2 available per month.  If you would like to apply for this discount please email for more details.